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    With over 15 years of programming experience and a passion for video games, game programming was a natural fit for me.  With all of the languages, platforms and tools available today, I spend a great deal of time experimenting until I find what works best for me.  My approach with any new platform has always been the same.  First, how to display an image/sprite.  Next, how do I make that image move.  This is often followed by input methods whether it’s a keyboard, tilt or touch.  And then the fun starts.

    Most of my earlier projects (some over 10 years old now) were done with Flash Actionscript and Java.  At that time, the idea of making games that were playable through varying web browsers and by people all around the world intrigued me.  In my more recent projects, OpenGL has become my library of choice.  It’s fast, stable, and available across most mobile platforms.

    My most recent project was written entirely in HTML5.  I wrote it primarily as a challenge for myself to create my first HTML5 project AND to tie it into facebook’s API.  It left me excited about all the possibilities of what can be done with HTML5. 

    This website allows me to combine all of my projects into a single location.  If you’re looking for an experienced programmer, or have any game programming questions, please email me at Mike@MikeAzzara.Com.

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